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“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ~ Native American Proverb

Educate. Create. Cultivate.


STEAM guided modules coach and nurture students learning and understanding about natural resources, where food comes from, the waste cycle, climate crisis, advocacy, and more. 


Training students from a local, national, and global perspective. Inventing new standards and actions for us and for the planet, propelling us into our next phase of existence.  


Social-Emotional development focusing on real-life skills that support empathy, self-awareness, confidence, cooperation, collaboration, and community. 

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Monique wants to be a an environmental lawyer when she grows up and help communities that live in toxic environments. She believes that every child should have access to clean water. She’s also considering designing eco-friendly clothes.


Dash grew up near the water and is passionate about keeping our oceans clean and protecting our sea life. He wants to invent something that will get all the plastic out of the ocean. His favorite subject is math and he loves to skateboard.


Rose is an organic gardener. Her dream is to one day live in a community where everyone grows their own food. She knows that the right kind of soil can help save the whole earth. She loves anything that grows and loves digging her toes into mud.


Valerie went on strike for climate change. She has written countless letters to government officials and even organized a peaceful protest in her school to make more students aware. She plays the piano and writes songs about saving the environment.


Carlos is passionate about the endangered species in the rainforest. He only buys fair trade products and really tries to educate others about how important it is to know what you’re buying and who you’re buying from. He is also a great cook, and loves chocolate.

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The Eco Hero Kids Foundation has created an online program/curriculum to educate children about the environment and our social responsibility to protect, nourish, and cherish the planet’s beauty and resources. Our platform offers a holistic, age-appropriate school curriculum for grades 4 to 7.  Ten engaging interactive modules, including videos, worksheets, activities, leadership boards, as well as dance, song, and theater–all designed to inspire children to become activists, innovators,   and mentor within their own local neighborhoods and communities, in the USA and abroad.


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