Frequently Asked Questions


How old are Eco Hero Kids?

The EHK platform is designed for students from 8 years old to 12 years old. If you are not 8-12 years of age, tell us why you would like to be an EHK, we are open to all members!

What does signing the pledge mean?

A pledge is a promise. The EHK pledge is a promise that you will stand by all the ideas found in the pledge, as a member of EHK.

What do I get from EHK when I finish Modules, Reflections, and Challenges?

When you complete a Module, Reflection, or Challenge you receive a badge

on your profile. You can collect them all to be a Super Eco Hero Kid. Your profile will display all of your badges. With every 5 badges collected, you will earn a new color framing your profile picture. 

How can my friends join EHK?

Your friends can join EHK by going to the website and clicking Join Now. The more EHKs, the more we can shift the planet together. Let’s get everyone involved!

Can I start an EHK Club at my school?

Yes, to create a school club, ask a teacher or administrator at your school to sign up as a facilitator. Share the website and direct them to Contact Us with the request. Our education team will support them.


How old are Eco Hero Kids Mentors?

Mentors can be anywhere from age 14 into their 20’s.

What is the process to be accepted as an EHK Mentor?

Mentors fill out an application and are interviewed. If accepted, they will be supported and trained in how to Mentor an EHK. 

What does an EHK Mentor do?

Similar to a camp counselor, or the leader of a club, Mentors will encourage and support Eco Hero Kids. Possibilities can include discussing ideas from the platform, support with projects, even writing a song together. 

Can I work in person or online?

You will be working online. EHK’s hail from all over the world, so we meet through Zoom and other online platforms. 

Are there summer programs I can volunteer for?

Yes! We interview candidates to be Mentors at our summer camps.


What resources come with each Module?

Each Module contains Conversation Starters, Words to Discuss, Activities, Action Steps, a Mental Health Check-In, Reflection Prompts, a STEAM Challenge, a Worksheet, a Song with lyrics, and a Dance with choreography.

Who can I reach out to for support with the implementation of the Modules?

Our education team is available. Please reach out to us with any questions.

When I submit work from my students, what will they receive?

Students will receive a badge displayed on their profile accounts. They can collect all the online badges and become Super Eco Hero Kids. With every 5 badges collected, students will earn a new color framing their profile picture. 

How do I submit work to Eco Hero Kids?

Students can upload their work in the form of JPGs or PDFs to their personal profiles. MP3s and videos can be sent to  They can share their work within the EHK community. We will also be periodically showcasing specially chosen EHK members and their work on the website.


What does $100 provide for Eco Hero Kids?

For each $100 you provide one child an entire year of community with the Eco Hero Kids. They will be able to create their profile and personal space, have access to 10 learning modules and videos, be able to share their work, communicate within the community, and earn badges. Oh, and they will get an EHK T-shirt, too.  And so will you!

Can I dedicate my donation to specific schools, families, and children?

Yes, there is a place on the donation form to indicate if your gift will be dedicated to a specific student, family, or school. 

Can I support EHK on a monthly or yearly basis?

Yes, we are so grateful for your ongoing support that enables us to continue this important work. 

Are there other ways I can help? Can I volunteer?

We plan fundraising events year-round, both virtual and live. We would be so grateful for your help and expertise. 

I want my child to have EHK in the school curriculum. Can I refer EHK to my child’s school?

Yes, we will support your child’s school every step of the way.